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This article provides you with detailed information about the best-selling mixer grinder in India. Likewise, it also tells you about the types of mixers available out there. Let’s start with the classes of mixer grinders available in India.

There are three categories of mixers available in the market. Following are the types of mixer grinder to look for:

  • Hand blend juicer cum mixture: handheld mixers get primarily used for blending ingredients into a semi-liquid mixture. The motor of the handheld mixer smash ingredients in a container.
  • Coffee Bean grinder: This sort of mixer finds its application in mixing roasted coffee beans.
  • Mixer Blender and blender: This appliance can both grind and blend the spices and ingredients. The mixer comes with a jar that allows You to extract juices from fruits and vegetables.
  • Panasonic 550 Watt AC400 Mixer Grinder

The best-selling mixer grinder in India is the Panasonic 550 Watt AC400. This Mixer Grinder has flow beaker jars that increase its functional efficiency. The magic seal protection feature helps to lubricate the motor and prevents leakage.

The best mixer grinder in India comes with a heavy-duty, robust motor that causes easy lubrication of the steel blades while ensuring that the mixer lasts long.

  • Panasonic AC400 Grinder highlights a lid-locking feature that stops the device from starting till you close the lid, and prevents accidental spillage. Mixer grinder includes blades that are reliable and strong enough to qualify for the grinding test.
  • The blades can grind turmeric and garlic into a fine paste within minutes. These blades are durable, rust and stain free. The Panasonic Juicer Mixer comes with four-speed selection settings starting from 0 to 3.
  • This unit has an ergonomic & stylish 3-speed setting and button switches that are easy to use. Most grinders come with 2 to 3 jars, but this Grinder has FOUR jars that serve different purposes.
  • Panasonic grinder includes jars that consist of stain-resistant steel and highlights a shining mirror finish. Jars are not only durable but also grind faster and finer. This mixer grinder from Panasonic comes with a sturdy handle and ergonomic design that makes it simple to use.

Apart from Panasonic 550 Watt AC400 Grinder, Prestige 750W Blender is popular among Indian homemakers and cooks. Prestige is a brand known for manufacturing durable kitchen cookware that lasts long and is reasonably priced. Prestige Iris is no exception

Prestige 750-Watt Iris Mixer Grinder

This has a robust 750-Watt motor that offers efficient grinding. The ergonomic design of the motor makes Prestige Iris ideal for grinding heavy-duty food ingredients.

  • The juicer features an overload protection switch that automatically stops the electricity supply to the mixer to prevent its motor from overheating, and ensures that it lasts long. Iris 750-Watt from Prestige is a multiple-purpose Mixer Grinder. No matter if it’s grinding solid ingredients or blending juices, Prestige juicer Mixer lets you blend almost anything.
  • This mixer comes with a mauve-colored handle made using durable ABS plastic material. The plastic handle of the mixer is easy to grip and prevents accidental leakage.
  • Whatsmore, this blender comes with an attractive design. It has a transparent design that allows you to observe the entire blending and grinding process with clarity. As mentioned above, this rust-proof plastic body of the mixer consists of ABS plastic materials resistant to corrosion and lasts for a long time.

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases