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Online shopping and home delivery have become a staple of modern consumerism. As a result, the packaging is now seen as a key brand-building tool. With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, this phenomenon has become even more important because a high percentage of Americans have ordered products online that required home delivery. More importantly, this has been the only way for businesses to remain operational during multiple national lockdowns. This forced companies of all sizes to invest in custom rigid boxes

There are several reasons for investing in a custom rigid box:

  1. The packaging plays a significant role in keeping the products safe during and transit and against environmental hazards owing to its sturdiness.
  2. The rigid boxes can be fully customized to your liking, which allows you to meet your target customers’ expectations and offer them an unforgettable unboxing experience.
  3. The luxurious packaging option can be created and sourced at low prices, especially when you place your orders with the leading rigid box manufacturers USA, like The Legacy Printing.  

And it is implausible that this trend of unboxing will reverse even when the world gets back to the new normal. Here is why we feel that way:

  • Considered Purchasing Decisions 

The customer experience difference can be vast when you order from a large conglomerate and a small business. Every so often, people place orders with large corporations as speed and convenience are a top priority. However, small businesses can offer much more value because they can offer more personalized and unique unboxing experiences. 

Thanks to the pandemic disruption, a growing number of people have recognized the efforts of small and local businesses. In fact, ‘support local’ was a leading slogan that was frequently heard during the pandemic to protect local jobs and economies. Resultantly, local online companies witness a significant boom in sales. 

Since then, customers have become hyper-aware of the businesses they choose to support through their buying decisions. Consequently, many are now trying to evade ordering from big retail chains like Amazon. Instead, they are opting for family-run or independent businesses. 

More importantly, there is an intimacy in supporting small and local businesses as they had given some thoughtful touches to their rigid boxes that perfected their marketing tool at a time when buyers were direly missing interpersonal closeness. 

  • Consistency is Key to Creating Winning Custom Rigid Boxes 

Though custom rigid boxes are an essential marketing tool, they can hamper your brand reputation if you fail to translate your brand values into the packaging. As the current generation, we try to make conscious buying decisions to reduce our impact on the environment. 

Although the market is now brimming with several eco-alternatives, the worst environmentally-conscious brand pitfall can be your packaging. How? If you are selling sustainable products, your customers expect to receive those goods in eco-friendly wholesale rigid boxes. Failing to meet this requirement means instantly disappointing your customers even before they get to open the box. 

But the most terrible thing is that there is a growing trend for social media users to share bad reviews and examples of packaging they have received from online stores. Meaning, your reputation can tumbledown in a blink of an eye if your rigid box packaging isn’t made out of cardboard or eco-friendly material, the size is unnecessarily large for the enclosed items, it boasts polystyrene or plastic, or fails to keep the products safe before it gets to the end-user. 

Hopefully, this would have given you a good idea of why rigid packaging and unboxing experience are important to the retail industry. 

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases