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If you are a proud owner of a successful restaurant that has grown along with time and changing technology, then to move further to the next step in the journey to reach more customers by letting them order food online, this article is just for you to understand the path.

With the advancement in every aspect of life over the years, the traditional way of dining out at a cafe or restaurant has replaced with food ordered at home and dining comfortably at home. Customer behaviour has been changing since the new-age consumers having hunger alerts at any time. Most people nowadays prefer to have their meals delivered to them rather than spending time and energy going out to obtain them on their busy schedules.

Customers are also aware that utilizing a restaurant meal ordering app provides offers/discounts when compared to visiting a restaurant.

Thus, convenient food ordering applications providing On-demand food delivery is the better choice for them. It is no surprise that the average cost of purchasing food online has skyrocketed. According to data, India’s food ordering business is expected to expand by 16.2 per cent to $17.02 billion by 2023. These figures show that meal delivery apps for restaurants have a bright future for startups and entrepreneurs. Several firms provide services to build a food delivery application. One can get more info about food delivery app development companies to let your restaurant gain success.

What are the options?

For the restaurant owners to start with the food ordering online, you need to decide from two options that could be possible to implement. One of which could be to partner with the existing food delivering applications. To offer timely meal delivery and earn a market share in this competitive sector, more restaurants are partnering with third-party aggregators. Consumers do not need to leave their houses, and they may continue to enjoy their weekends in the comfort of their own houses.

Facts about linking with the third-party food delivery application:

  • Customers order from several third-party meal delivery apps.
  • The dominant issue with third-party meal delivery is accuracy.
  • The restaurant business continues to be disrupted by third-party delivery, which is slowly but steadily growing.
  • Third-party applications are becoming more popular among consumers since they are quicker and more convenient.
  • Customers are more inclined to use a third-party app that allows them to order food from their favourite restaurant.
  • Third-party applications are becoming more popular among consumers since they are quicker and more convenient.
  • The number of third-party orders is steadily increasing, owing to the influence of millennials.

Let us take a view at the other option: Creating your own food delivery app:

If we look at the other option, that could be building your own food delivery application for your restaurant only. To avoid business commercialization from third-party delivery companies, restaurants could invest in developing their own delivery app. There is a lot of space for new providers to consider creating their own delivery platform in addition to partnering with third-party aggregators to maintain brand loyalty. This provides them with more control over their brand offering and company.

Reasons why restaurants need to create their own food delivery app

1. Cost-Efficient

Having your own food delivery channel allows you to control price and costs, which is essential to truly survive in the marketplace. While partnering with any third-party vendors there are heavy commissions included. They are too expensive and goes right from your pocket. These commissions, when calculated by adding the tax, might reach 30% of every delivered order.

2. Allegiance to a brand

According to the current trend, people love doing everything online. Hence, Consumer loyalty is a point to consider while having own food delivery application has to be the best and reliable. Restaurants must strike a balance between the unpredictability of the delivery experience and maintaining client loyalty to their brand with their own application.

3. Uninterrupted connection with consumers

To reach users could be easy, as every day almost 210 billion discrete consumers download and use the food delivery application. You get to know your consumer and form a connection with them if you establish your own app for your business visit our website. For a better reaction, you may also personalize offers, special coupons, and promotional offers.

4. Ease and Convenience

As a food company, you must make meal delivery as simple as possible for your consumers. So, even if your third-party vendor is no longer offering delivery, your clients may still contact you directly and have their meals delivered. Integrate smart technology into your platform to make things easier for your customers.

5. Delivery effectiveness

When you work with a third-party vendor, the aggregator handles distribution, which might be a problem if the app is not available. When creating a food delivery app for your restaurant, make sure you have enough delivery workers, and tracking systems are visible to both you and your customers and that the food is delivered on time. This will ensure that your consumers are comfortable, happy, satisfied, and loyal.

6. Uncomplicated Payments

While tied up with the third-party vendors, the payments might get mixed up and delayed to the restaurants. However, if the restaurant has its own food delivery application. You get paid for online purchases before they are delivered to your clients, and you are also compensated for the cost of packaging. You will also save money on cutlery, which will increase your restaurant’s earnings over time and show the results progressively.


Now, that you know that there are several benefits of developing your restaurants own food delivery application which can bring more food orders online which leads to increased business and building better customer relationships. Furthermore, it could be convenient, and it saves time, makes a magnified home dining experience with favourite restaurant food ordered at your doorstep.

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases