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Think again if you think homework is the only way to learn outside of the classroom. When you say goodbye to your teacher at the end of class, your learning experience doesn’t have to end there. Although all of these approaches will help you develop useful language skills, only one has been shown to accelerate your language learning.

Here are several reasons why learning a spoken English Courses outside of the classroom is preferable:

You will be fully engrossed in the language:

There’s no way around learning the language you’re trying to understand. Any contact with the local community will introduce new words to your vocabulary and expand your comprehension of the language, from chatting with your host family and watching local TV shows to ordering food at restaurants and even reading the ads pinned up around town.

There are more work openings available:

Employees at several major companies around the world are required to speak English. In some cases, these businesses want their employees to only speak English.

It’s only normal that big companies will want and need to interact more as the world becomes global. Everyone is currently trying to learn English. People from various countries and cultures increasingly use English as a shared language to communicate with one another.

You will improve your education:

Not only does learning a foreign language increase your brain capacity, but you can also use your English speaking skills to learn more about the world. It is pretty simple to enroll in an English class these days. There are numerous options for taking this class, including taking it online, via Skype, or in a classroom setting.

Read about the things you’re interested in:

Reading is one of the most effective ways to develop your spoken English, and tailoring the topics to your interests is a perfect way to keep yourself interested in what you’re reading.

Continue to talk:

When you have the chance, try to speak English as much as possible. You may think it’s self-evident, but conversing in English, particularly with people from other countries and native speakers, will boost your confidence and help you with pronunciation muscles. Establish a chat club with other people who want to practice their English as well. You could even meet some new people!

View TED Talks

By subscribing to TED Talks, you can improve your listening and concentration skills, as well as your vocabulary repertoire. Since there are so many TED Talk topics to choose from, why not concentrate on a subject that concerns you or is related to your pathway course? Ted Talks cover everything from technology and media studies to business and finance.

It looks fantastic on your resume:

First, learning a language impresses potential employers and college admissions committees because it demonstrates your ability to concentrate, devote yourself to your studies, and possess the kind of super-awesome brain. It proves that you can handle a foreign tongue. When you pair this with AWAL English certificate on your resume, you will instantly turn out to be the complete package for employers.

As an Amazon Affiliate Partner I earn from Qualifying Purchases